River Vu Farms


River Vu Farms offers lessons in English riding from the Beginner level to the Advanced, from ages 6-70.

We use reliable school horses that are chosen to suit the ability of the rider.

A beginner starts with half hour private lessons until the student is confident and exhibits control of the horse/pony.  Once ready, the student begins the group lesson program of one hour per session. Group lessons consist of up to 5 students.

River Vu Farms teaches the students to be riders, not passengers on the horse. Should a student wish to go into competition, River Vu can bring the student to off-farm horse shows. We teach not only riding technique taught, but horsemanship as well. A person should be comfortable on the ground as well as on top of the horse.

Riding lessons are given Tuesday-Sunday, and can purchased pay-as-you-go or as a 10 lesson package. (There is a
24 Hour Cancellation Policy).

All students must wear shoes with a hard sole and small heel, and an ASMT approved riding helmet (which the farm will provide if student does not own one).

 Private Half Hour Lesson                                 $    55
 Private Half Hour Package of 10 Lessons        $  500

 Private Half Hour Lesson                                 $   60
 Private Half Hour Package of 10 Lessons        $ 540

Group Lessons  1 Hour                                      $  55
Group Lessons  1 Hour  Package of 10             $500

Horses/ponies are available for lease or half lease.

For more information, please call 973-299-9538.

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